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Vogue Celebration and Best of 80's are two Tribute Show designed to offer a great entertainment to your audience!

Vogue Celebration - Madonna Tribute Show

Vogue Celebration is a live Tribute Show inspired by Madonna’s top hits and designed for your successful entertainment.

The audience will be involved in a suggestive atmosphere, realised through original music arrangements, great choreographs, costumes changes and scenery which make everything extreme as the career of the iconic artist.

Consists of 2x45 minutes sets.*

Vogue Celebration - Madonna Tribute Show

Best of the 80's Tribute Show

Best of the 80's is true Show that include all the best hits from the 80's. Costumes, lights and scenery all in style for a blast from the past! Suitable for Corporates, Birthdays and Theme Parties, Events, Clubs.

Consists of 2x45 minutes sets.*

* Madonna and 80's Tribute Show include a sound engineer booked alongside the package for sound and lights to be constantly monitored through the performance.

This can be useful if venues have specific sound requirement.

Packages can also be combined.

Please mention your preference in your booking form.

Best of The 80's Tribute Show

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