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From standard jazz and swing to pop and modern upbeat, the repertoire of this act is suitable for Jazz Clubs, Restaurants, Parties and small venues

Accompanied by guitar or piano.

The Red Head Duo - Swing/Jazz

Standard jazz, swing and bossa nova is the main repertoire of this act.

Suitable for Jazz Clubs, small venues, pubs and restaurants.

Consists of 2x45 minutes sets.*

The Red Heads Duo - Jazz/Swing Acoustic Live

The Red Head Duo - Pop/Modern

Pop and modern up tempo songs are the subject of this Act.

Suitable for Clubs, small venues, pubs where the audience can dance.

Consists of 2x45 minutes sets.*

The Red Heads Duo - Pop/Modern Acoustic Live

*2x45 minutes sets is the standard booking.

If you prefer different arrangements (ex: 3x30 minutes) this can be specified in your booking form and discussed accordingly.

Please note: longer sets will incur a higher fee.

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